Overfloor Heating v Underfloor Heating – Differences explained

So, you’ve heard of underfloor heating, right?

What about Overfloor Heating…?

Well, they’re not that different in terms of what they’re trying to achieve – floor heating instead of radiators etc – but they’re quite different in terms of how they’re installed and more importantly how effective they are at providing heat into your home.

Underfloor Heating is quite literally pipes buried in your floor structure. Overfloor Heating is something quite different – and significantly better – as it relies on pipes laying over your existing floor structure and sitting literally just beneath your floor covering.

Simply put, because the heat source from Overfloor Heating is so much closer to your floor covering, the heat produced is much quicker to reach the room, making it a far more efficient and effective floor heating system!

There are plenty of other differences too:- Wunda’s Overfloor system utilises an aluminium heat emitter to rapidly increase the heat output compared to what Underfloor can achieve; Because it lays OVER your existing floors it also means there’s no need to dig up your floors meaning much less mess, time, and aggravation involved during the installation – a Wunda Approved Installer can install our Overfloor system much more quickly than would be possible for a traditional Underfloor one!

Because we’re experts in our field, we do still offer traditional Underfloor options too as on occasion it is the more appropriate system depending on specific requirements and floor structure, but where possible our Overfloor Heating systems are recommended (or as a mixed combination) as quite simply, there is nothing on the market that can compete in cost, efficiency or is as effective in heating your home!

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eco tip
eco tip
Due to our systems using such low water temperatures, our customers save around 25% compared to their traditional heating bill annually.

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