Why not to choose Electric underfloor heating

If you’ve been to any large DIY retailer recently you may have seen Electric floor heating systems for sale. Whilst they may seem cost effective, there’s a big inherent problem with the way this type of floor heating works…

Electric floor heating is ideal to heat a single room – typically a bathroom. Once you get beyond this, say to heat a conservatory or worse an even larger area or multiple areas, you will hit the problem very quickly…

The biggest issue with Electric underfloor heating is the cost of running it… Wunda floor heating systems are up to 60% cheaper to run than Electric systems – saving you money every single day your heating is on (Which, let’s face it, is rather a lot here in the UK!)

Sorry guys but it’s true. Electric floor heating has certain conveniences but ultimately it’s extremely expensive to run, which is pretty much going to ruin your experience as well as literally burn a hole in your pocket!

Don’t just take our word for it of course, you might already know people who have electric underfloor heating – just ask them

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eco tip
eco tip
Water Based floor heating generally costs around 60% less annually than electric based floor.

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