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Wunda’s Acoustic Fibre Board turns the robust manufacturing and fast heat up times of their best selling EPS 400 over floor in to a whole new animal.

Not all Overfloor boards are created equal, with various strengths, densities and conductive coatings available on the market already it takes a simple approach to innovation to make some noise. Already a blessing to installers who want a quick and clean job Overfloor boards have been laid in first floor flats and other properties with nowhere to dig down. However, there’s more to Wunda’s Acoustic Fibre board than superior strength and optimal heat up speeds, it’s the noise reduction properties and environmentally ethical approach that sets this board apart from the competition.

The material make-up is what makes Wunda’s Acoustic Fibre Board different. Comprised 100% of an entirely recyclable raw wood fibre at a density of 160kg/m(sourced from effectively managed forests and certified in accordance with the FSC®). It’s also UKAS Accredited laboratory tested to BS EN ISO 10140-3 improvement in impact sound isolation with an up to 59dB improvement. 

Measuring in at 1200mm x 600mm with an option of either 17mm or 22mm profile height Wunda’s Acoustic Fibre board is surprisingly lightweight, measuring in at just 8.5kg/9kg for the 17 and 22mm versions respectively. The 17mm board comes with five 120mm pipe spacings for use with 12mm floor heating pipe, in comparison the 22mm board uses 16mm pipe over four 150mm pipe spacings. In terms of heating results these differences compensate each other with the tighter pipe spacings making up for lower performance achieved with the 12mm pipe, meaning your choice really comes down to how much height you want to add to your floor.

Unlike other fibre board producers Wunda have gone further than providing plain boards and expecting installers to buy aluminium spreader plates and fit the plates over the boards themselves. Wunda’s Acoustic fibre board comes factory fitted with 200 micron thick aluminium. This provides the fastest possible heat up times, offering heat outputs of up to 90w per munder ceramic tiles.

The backing panel that’s factory fitted to every board provides a level and stable “back bone” for the board’s wood fibre, enabling installers to handle wth confidence and simply screw the board in to floors without risk of comprising the boards structural integrity. Allowing Wunda to back up the board with a staggering  lifetime guarantee.

In laying and shaping the boards users found that screwing the boards down to the floor after adhesive offered a quieter performance during use. Typically six phosphate/zinc countersunk screws are advised for securing the edge of the boards once laid over a suitable adhesive. The additional screwing while not entirely necessary will remove any chance of movement of the panels. 

Available in various bulk offerings Wunda’s able to provide an unbelievably competitive price per board including the pre-fitted aluminium. This extra mile in product development will save installers both time and money in buying and fitting aluminium spreader plates themselves.

Overall Wunda’s Acoustic Fibre board is a success, offering unparalleled noise suppression and efficient heating using environmentally conscious materials. This makes them perfect for first floor properties and quiet-reliant spaces like studios. With these characteristics Wunda’s Acoustic Fibre board is the last word heard in heated sound suppression.

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