Smart Homes

WundaSmart is coming soon

It’s the simplicity that makes it smart

WundaSmart controls give you seamless control of the individual temperatures in every room, whether you have underfloor heating, radiators, or a combination of both. 


WundaSmart uses long range (LoRa) wireless technology to ensure a consistent robust connection is maintained throughout your home, keeping control at your fingertips.

Launching this winter

The WundaSmart product range will be available soon. Sign up to our mailing list for updates on our launch.

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Why go smart?

WundaSmart gives its users the power to monitor their home’s energy usage anytime, anywhere. Use the App to set budgets for your energy consumption, so you can enjoy life without any unpleasant surprises! More control and convenience and an easier way to be environmentally responsible.

Room to room control

Control the temperature in each individual room easily via the WundaSmart app and our Smart Thermostats

Save money

Save up to 50% a year on your energy bills with WundaSmart. A smart home is an affordable home

48 hour live reports

Stay up to date with your home’s energy usage with our 48 hour live reports. Check for updates wherever you are

Anywhere in the world

On holiday and forgot to change your heating schedule? Not a problem, log in using your smartphone and control your home wherever you are

Eco friendly

Smart technology is friendly to the environment. A system that controls your home whilst being conscious of its environmental responsibilities

Smart mobile app

All you need to control your home at the touch of a button. Install our WundaSmart app and always be in control

Total control wherever you are using our Smart App

WundaSmart App has been designed from the ground up to give you a simple and easy way to control the temperature in every room of your home whether you’re using underfloor heating, radiators, air conditioning or a combination of any.


Creating timers is straightforward and allows 24/7 scheduling of every room and remote access from anywhere in the world.

Save on all your heating bills and reduce your Co2 emissions

Having complete control of specific areas within your home and energy usage reports means you can change and monitor your settings to reduce energy consumption.

Effortless room to room control

Rather than just controlling your whole home from one thermostat, we wanted to give people the ability to control each room individually. The easiest way to reduce Co2 emissions and save energy is to not heat empty rooms, thanks to WundaSmart’s multi-room control it’s effortless to control different rooms at different temperatures.

Smart Homes

Our new smart home systems set to launch this winter

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Our ethos

We believe in giving people a simple yet truly flexible system to enrich the flow of their daily lives. With WundaSmart we give you comfort, control and convenience, while reducing energy usage and tackling CO2 emissions.