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WundaSmart lets you set the temperature in any room / zone so you control when and where to heat. Not only does this give you superior comfort, but it also reduces energy bills and emissions, so you can do your bit to help the environment. So whether you have radiators, Underfloor heating, or both, control it all in one place – the WundaSmart app.

Industry Leading Guarantees

Wunda’s guarantees are unbeaten! With over 15 years of producing premium quality products Wunda is confident their products stand the test of time.

HubSwitch – 5 Years

Smart Thermostat – 5 Years

Smart Radiator Heads – 2 Years




Price Comparison

Hive Honeywell Tado°
Price per Zone £75 £153 £201 £126.81
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*prices & Trustpilot Scores accurate as of 25/02/2021

WundaSmart Zoning System


In our system, a wireless WundaSmart Thermostat cooperates with Wundasmart Radiator Heads to cover the whole room and adapt perfectly to meet your requests, quickly and in the most energy-efficient way. Want 22° in your living room while you watch TV? WundaSmart heats until the Zone reads 22°, and then stops heating. Simple.


Control up to 30 rooms, 50 radiators & up to 48 heating periods a day. Perfect control at your finger tips.

The WundaSmart App

Our user-intuitive app makes scheduling and controlling your home heating and hot water easier than ever, whether you have 30 rooms or 3!




Control & schedule up to 30 rooms with perfect WundaSmart Zoning. Includes temperature and humidity monitoring.

Pre-defined Temperatures

Quickly pick custom pre-defined temperatures – for single touch changes from off, eco, comfort and comfort+ for those colder nights!

7 day schedules for every room!

7 Day scheduling with copy/paste abilities. Schedule rooms individually or copy/paste schedules from room to room or from one day to another. With the freedom to create up to 48 events on any day.

Data security

Your usage data is all stored in your WundaSmart Hub. It’s yours and cannot be sold or analysed for advertising or data collection, unlike other system providers.

Even if your internet fails you,

WundaSmart won’t!


Because the system uses a revolutionary RF network to communicate between devices & all your data is stored in your system, loss of internet doesn’t mean loss of service, continue controlling your heating with the manual controls or let the system carry on with its schedule, relax and sit back, WundaSmart has you covered. Perfect Partners…


Thanks to Cutting Edge RF Technology

WundaSmart’s Radio Frequency can overcome any obstacle, in any property.

With no signal boosters necessary!

Control from anywhere

Using the quick & easy WundaSmart App you can control each individual room from anywhere in the world!

Optional Integration with Alexa and Google Home ›

You want voice control, and like Alexa and Google Home, we heard you. Optional voice commands available when you link your Alexa or Google Home system to WundaSmart.

‘Hey Google, Turn the living room to Eco mode’

‘Alexa, Turn the kitchen to 19°C’

Automated Geo Fencing ›

Set your perimeter around your home, and the last user to step out turns your heating off automatically. This isn’t location tracking, it’s geo-fencing, you’re either in or you’re out, and it’s that simple.

Hot Water Control ›

Got a separate channel for Hot Water? WundaSmart’s got you covered, our powerful HubSwitch contains 4 channel relays, for multiple heating circuits, water-based underfloor heating and hot water control.

The WundaSmart app even features simple 7-day scheduling for your hot water, as well as your heating.

7 day usage Charts ›

7 day usage charts that update live, so you always know which rooms are heating and which are saving you money!

Humidity Detection ›

Avoid over dousing your house with our WundaSmart Zone humidity detection. Prevent mould and damp arising from overly humid atmospheres with the built-in humidity detection and notifications to open windows or activate dehumidifiers.

24/7 easy scheduling ›

The easiest way to schedule heating across individual rooms 7 days a week. Designed and developed to be used the way people work, allowing you up to 48 heating events in any given day, and instant copy & paste of schedules from one room to another, and across multiple days.

It’s so quick and simple we developed it for our hot water control too!

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Total peace of mind …

WundaSmart will never let you down, any problems or queries just give us a call and we’ll have you back on track in no time!

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WundaSmart Will Never Let You Down

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