Perfect for Zoning & Controlling Radiators, & Water Based Underfloor Heating Systems.

Zone any Type of Property and Control the Temperature of Each Individual Room 

For this, you need a thermostat to control every enclosed room/space – plus an electronic radiator head or an underfloor heating actuator to regulate the temperature, and if the Internet connection goes down, don’t worry our App and RF devices will carry on working perfectly within the property.

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Why WundaSmart?

Seeker Signal Technology

WundaSmart products adopt the latest RF technology ensuring signal is covered throughout your whole home. you won't need repeaters!

Secure & Snoop Free 

User data is not stored in the cloud! It’s locked in your hub and cannot be harvested and sold for marketing.

Remote Access from Anywhere in the World 

Log in using your smartphone and control your home wherever you are.

Thanks to Cutting Edge RF Technology

WundaSmart’s Radio Frequency can overcome any obstacle, in any property.

With no repeaters necessary

Even if your internet fails you,

WundaSmart won’t!

Because the system uses a revolutionary RF network to communicate between devices, loss of internet doesn’t mean loss of service, continue controlling your heating with the manual controls or let the system carry on with its schedule, relax and sit back, WundaSmart has you covered.

Manage Multiple Systems 

As well as controlling the temperature of each individual room in one property, you can also manage multiple systems for multiple properties all at your fingertips, using the WundaSmart app.


Compatible with Google Home & Amazon’s Alexa Technology!

Command your homes heating with your voice!


Hey Google, Boost the hot water”



“Alexa, turn the heating on in the Kitchen”

Save on all Your Heating Bills and Reduce Your Co2 Emissions

Having complete control of specific areas within your home means you can change and monitor your settings to reduce energy consumption and improve your EPC rating!

Individual Room Control

Reduce your energy usage & improve your comfort by only heating the rooms you want to!

Convenient Scheduling

Easy to set scheduling 7 days a week, unlimited heating events so you’re always in control.

Remote Hot Water Control & Scheduling

Control your hot water from a touch of your finger, with scheduling & manual control available 7 days a week for whatever your routine throws at you.

7 Day Charts

Monitor your heating & room humidity across the month with easy to read charts!

Bespoke System Builds

Allow our experts to build the perfect system for your project!

Build Your System!   ⮕


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