The WundaSmart Range

Smart Heating Controls

World Class Smart Heating Controls communicating with super long range radio frequencies (LoRa) to ensure your system always works regardless of WiFi.

  • Multi-room control
  • Remote Access from anywhere in the world
  • Take it with you if you move
  • Weekly energy Reports
  • Privileged Users
  • Simple & Easy set up with our app!


The WundaSmart app is available on:


Wunda SmartSwitch ›

WundaSmart’s boiler switch receives commands wirelessly from your WundaSmart Hub and tells your boiler to call for heat.

It’s required if the user wants a wireless connection from their floor heating connection box to the boiler, or if the user is having a radiator system or using hot water control.

What’s in the Box

1 x WundaSmart Boiler Switch

1 x Hard wired mains power

Comes with 5-year guarantee!

Wunda Smart Radiator Head ›

WundaSmart’s Smart Radiator Head uses long-reaching LoRa radio signals to control your individual radiators with commands sent from your Smart phone.

What’s in the Box

1 x WundaSmart Radiator Head

2 x AA Batteries

Comes with 2-year guarantee!

WundaSmart Connection Box ›

The WundaSmart Connection Box simply replaces the wiring box you’d normally connect to a floor heating manifold. When combined with our LoRa powered WundaSmart smart hub and Wundasmart Thermostats or Temperature Sensors, you can now control individual zones via our simple to use Smart Phone app!

Requires WundaSmart Hub, and either a WundaSmart Sensor or WundaSmart Thermostat with working internet connection.

What’s in the Box

1 x WundaSmart Connection Box

Comes with 5-year guarantee!

WundaSmart HubSwitch ›

WundaSmart’s HubSwitch is the brain of your smart control system, connecting wirelessly to your home router. It also features 4 channels to command switch control of multiple heating zones, hot water tanks and comes fully compatible with Open Therm technology as well as Google Home & Alexa.

Requires Wunda Smart Thermostat or Wunda Smart Sensor.

What’s in the Box

1 x WundaSmart Hub

1 x Power Cable (DC 12v)

1 x Ethernet Cable

Comes with 5-year guarantee!

WundaSmart Temperature Sensor ›

The WundaSmart Temperature sensor is the perfect tamper-proof and minimalist substitute for a thermostat. Accurately measuring the temperature wirelessly and communicating via the WundaSmart hub to your smartphone.


WundaSmart Thermostat ›

WundaSmart Smart Thermostat features manual control as well as a low-energy long-lasting e-ink display.

Unlike a lot of smart systems Wundasmart’s Smart Thermostat compatible with floor probes making it ideal for underfloor heating solutions as well as radiator based WundaSmart systems!

Requires Wunda Smart Hub, Wunda Smart Boiler Switch and Internet Connection.

What’s in the Box

1 x WundaSmart Thermostat

2 x AA Batteries

Comes with 5-year guarantee!