The System

Our On Demand UFH system gives you ultimate control, located beneath your floor finish of choice.

With Wunda’s On Demand Underfloor Heating there’s no need to dig up your floors!

Our low profile, over floor systems use close pipe centres, aluminium and set back thermostats for On Demand heating and optimum control.

Maintaining low input temperatures that make floor heating environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Suitable for both old and new properties.

Heating boards & floor finishes

Wunda’s On Demand UFH can be used with all floor finishes


On Demand UFH is suitable for Carpet & Vinyl. When using our duo Backer Board


On Demand UFH is suitable for Laminate & Wood direct to boards. Plus Carpet & Vinyl


On Demand UFH is suitable for Tile & Stone Laminate & wood plus Carpet, Vinyl, Karndean & Amtico

Expert Advice - Using Levelling Compounds on Wundatherm Underfloor Heating Boards
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We supply pipe in two sizes, one for each solution build up, 20mm boards take our 16mm pipe, 16mm boards take our 12mm pipe


Available in 16mm or 12mm to fit your desired solution, featuring an oxygen barrier for increased lifetime and aluminium core for greater thermal conductivity.

Board heights & densities

Wundatherm comes in a variety of profile heights to suit your projects build up, and different densities for any floor finish you want.


Low Density
EPS 100 kPa

Suitable for Carpet & Vinyl when used with a Wunda Duo Board

Medium Density
EPS 200 kPa

Suitable for laminate & engineered wood as well as Capret & Vinyl with a Wunda Duo Board

High Density
EPS 400 kPa

Suitable for Stone, Marble & Ceramic Tiles as well as levelling screeds.

Compare our systems

Not sure which UFH system is right for your upcoming project, compare the differences in our three systems below

Screed On Demand UFH  Joist
New builds
No need to dig up floors
Fast heat up time

Your Wundatherm Questions

Wundatherm is a Rapid Response® floor heating system because it has a level of controllability not seen before in underfloor heating. Due to the thick aluminium coating of the boards and the aluminium cored pipes designed with small spacings, Wundatherm can be turned on/off, up or down to reach desired temperatures in as little as 30 minutes.

When compared to even the fastest of Screed systems using close pipe systems and modern anhydrite concrete screeds the performance time is in a league of its own. Instead of taking the 24-72 hours a Screed system can take to reach desired temperature (Whether that be heating or cooling down), Wundatherm takes 30 minutes, it responds rapidly!

Wundatherm is a water-based floor heating system that uses low-temperature warm water to heat rooms evenly and quickly. Input temperatures can be as low as 45°C, using half the energy required to heat a radiator at 70-90°C.

This combined with the Rapid Response® nature of Wundatherm allows users to only heat the rooms they’re using, and not have to leave the heating on all the time like old traditional screed systems which took days to heat and cool.


The responsive use and lower energy requirements to run Wundatherm make it a low carbon solution that’s compatible with current heating technology like gas/oil boilers; as well as working efficiently with alternative fuels of the future like hydrogen boilers and air & ground source heat pumps.

Wundatherm can reach desired temperatures in as little as 30 minutes.

This is thanks to all the work done in developing the Rapid Response® aluminium that’s used in both the board and pipe.

No, the spray contains no carcinogens and is CFC free.

Not at all! Wundatherm’s retro-fitted to the existing floor using our Wunda adhesive spray.

This saves time & cost in the installation as well as avoids any potential risks in digging up decades-old concrete substrates.

Wundatherm is available in 16mm & 20mm profile boards.

Wundatherm comes in 3 densities of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), our Premium+ range is our strongest and most insulative board.

We got it tested at the University of Salford by their UKAS accredited product testing lab and got the following results back:


20mm of Wundtherm Premium+ has an R-value of 0.447 (+/- 2%)

16mm of Wundatherm Premium+ has an R-value of 0.379 (+/- 2.8%)


So in comparison to a system using just radiators, it’s superior in insulation and will heat more sufficiently with better energy efficiency.

Wunda only provides pipe which is 100% leak proof. By using a 5 layered pipe comprised of an EVOH barrier to prevent oxygen ingress and rusting the aluminium core as well as Pert for superior flexibility we’re able to stand proudly by the lifetime guarantee we give the pipe we supply.


We also pressurise the pipe at the point of manufacture, so you know instantly before putting it in the floor whether the product’s been comprised in transit. In over 14 years of manufacturing and supplying floor heating, we’ve never had a leak. Ever.

We recommend having regular servicing to maintain an efficient system, when you have the boiler serviced for example to check inhibitor levels are still ok, no air locks in system causing poor performance. With regular preventative maintenance you will have no problems of breakdown

Thanks to retro-fit systems like Wundatherm® 100m2 can be laid in just two days using quick drying Wunda Spray adhesive. It’s no longer a case of digging all your floors up, simply take up your carpet, prepare your sub-floor and lay a retro-fit system. 

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