Screed System Controls

We’re proud to present the detail and quality of our products. knowing they are part of the most efficient, cost effective and simple system available.

We also provide industry leading guarantees on our products to give you complete peace of mind.
A Wunda water underfloor heating system control box on white background

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Control box

We supply multi zone control boxes that are suitable for use with 8 wireless thermostats with a 200m range or 12 hardwired thermostats.

A room thermostat that has a digital display and is wireless

Wireless thermostat

Portable thermostat teaturing 6 on/off events in any 24 hr period.
7 das a week. When programmed tor set back control. it prevents
the heat in vour home talling below the point of quick recovery
Enabling Iloor to heat up in 20-60 mins trom setback – similar to


Two digital and wired thermostats pictured, showing the options available

Wired thermostat

Fixed Hard wired. button and touchscreen thermostats. b on/off
events in any 24hr period, 7 days a week. When programmed tor
set back control, it prevents the heat in your home falling below
the point of quick recovery. Enabling floor to heat up in 30-66 mins from setback – similar to radiators.

A large coil of on demand water underfloor heating pipe


Our multi-layered Pert-al-Pert pipe is designed by the manufacturer to last at least 100 years when run at floor heating temperatures not exceeding 65°C.

We guarantee our floor heating pipe for 50 years providing heating is run at recommended temperatures not exceeding 65C°.

Someone on their phone using the Wunda Smart, smart home app
smart homes

Smart Controls

Control the temperature in each individual room easily via the WundaSmart app and our Smart Thermostats


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