What are the insulation properties of the Rapid Response® Heating System?

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The Rapid Response® boards are strong, high density boards composing of EPS and an Aluminum cover.

The boards have been tested at the University of Salford by their UKAS accredited product testing lab and got the following results back:


20mm of Rapid Response® has an R-value of 0.447 (+/- 2%)

16mm of Rapid Response® an R-value of 0.379 (+/- 2.8%)


In a new build it is expected that the property will be built in line with up to date building regulations.

In an older property that is successfully heated by radiators, the Rapid Response system will be more efficient and effective than radiators.  Due to the insulative nature of EPS, little heat can be pulled down into a cold substrate. The system is not a replacement for insulation.

If your home is heated by radiators but has high heat loss, those areas of heat loss should be addressed regardless of your choice of heating system.

So in comparison to a system using just radiators, it’s superior in insulation and will heat more sufficiently with better energy efficiency.


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