Is Underfloor Heating Efficient?

Water Based underfloor heating systems offer low running costs and are an eco-friendly way to heat your home. Warm water runs through pipe positioned beneath your floor, which in turn gently heats the whole room. The key to the efficiency of the system comes from the design and components, which allow a lower water temperature to be used. The lower the water temperature the more efficient the system. Wunda’s systems typically use between 35 and 45 degree water depending on the insulation in the heated space. Our Rapid Response® system works differently to traditional floor heating, positioned directly beneath the floor finish. Giving rapid heat up times and offering a more controllable and convenient solution than radiators with the same low running costs.  



Tradesman installing underfloor heating boards inside a conservatory

Water Based Underfloor Heating VS Electric Underfloor Heating  

There are two types of underfloor heating systems, water, and electric. Both systems heat the floor finish well, but they work very differently.  

Electric underfloor heating systems generally come in mats or cable systems that are positioned directly beneath your floor finish, or placed under /in the 50-100mm screed. Electric floor heating systems work well and are controllable depending on their position in respect to the floor finish. However, they require a lot more energy to run than water based underfloor heating systems.  

Water based underfloor heating systems are roughly 60% less to run than electric systems and use low water temperatures. Our Rapid Response® systems can also be placed beneath the floor finish resulting in maximum controllability and ideal for retrofit or newbuild projects.  

Rapid Response® Heating System


Do Smart Meters Save Money

Water Based Underfloor Heating Works With any Heat Source  

One big benefit of using a water based underfloor heating system is that no matter what the future holds or whatever you use to generate your heat; gas boiler, hydrogen, or heat pump, water based underfloor heating will always be the most energy efficient solution and use the least energy, saving you the most money and delivering the most comfort.  

Rapid Response® Heating System


Zone Your Home 

Most houses in the UK have one thermostat controlling their whole home. But you wouldn’t have a single light switch for your whole home, would you? When you take a moment to think about it, this solution doesn’t make sense today where energy prices are higher than ever.  

If you are only in one room, working or relaxing, why waste energy heating empty rooms? We are advocates of zoning your home and controlling each room independently and have designed underfloor heating and smart control systems that help you heat where you want when you want.  

Our floor heating design team will help you zone your home and control each room separately and our smart controls help you have room to room control even controlling your radiators.  

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How Economical is Underfloor Heating? 

Your heating bills depend on a wide variety of factors; insulation, windows, heating system, and settings, so each situation is unique. However, in general, Underfloor heating systems are known to cost around 25% less to run than radiators and 60% less to run than electric floor heating systems. Wunda’s Rapid Response® heating system can save even more money in comparison to traditional floor heating systems as there is no wasted heat in unwanted heat up and cool down times.  

Underfloor Heating Costs

Is Underfloor Heating Eco-friendly? 

Water based floor heating is the most eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and futureproof system available. This is due to how it works. Using 35-45 degrees water means that the water doesn’t have to be heated to as high a temperature as with radiators. It takes any heat source (gas, electric, and hydrogen boilers or heat pumps) very little energy to warm water to this temperature. If you are generating your own electricity, the most efficient way of using it would be to use a heat pump to warm water for your UFH system, rather than feed an electric floor heating system. As a water based floor heating system with a heat pump could be 60% more efficient.  


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