Underfloor Heating For A Loft Conversion

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Installing underfloor heating in your Loft

Loft conversions are a great idea to add value to your home. The good news is water based Underfloor heating is definitely possible to install in a Loft! You will need to speak to a professional to ensure that your space structurally sound and capable of taking weight of furniture.  

The beauty of the Wunda Rapid Response® underfloor heating system is that it can be laid without digging up the floor or pulling up the floorboards and it transmits heat directly into your floor finish for instant heat.  

The Wunda design team will help you get the best out of your underfloor heating for your loft conversion and advise you on manifold placement as you will need one per floor to prevent any air locks. 

Wunda’s Water Underfloor Heating Systems

How much does underfloor heating cost to install in a Loft?

People often imagine underfloor heating is a very difficult and disruptive process, making it very expensive. However, this couldn’t be further for the truth! 80-90% of your system could be installed as a DIY project. However, if you were to get professional installers in for the whole job, 50m2 could be laid over a 2 day period. 

Water Underfloor Heating Costs

Design service 

All Wunda’s water based underfloor heating systems are designed to suit your needs. So, if you have any fixed furniture in your loft that you don’t want heat under, this will be taken into account when designing your pipe layout plans and system estimate. 

Do Smart Meters Save Money

Underfloor heating energy efficiency

Underfloor heating uses low (35-45 degrees) water temperatures, making it a very eco-friendly system. It is the perfect partner for heat pumps as their optimum efficiency is producing water under 50 degrees.  

Underfloor heating systems will cost users around 25% less than radiators to run on average and 60% less than electric floor heating systems. When installing a Wunda Rapid Response® system which uses smart controls and zoning the savings can be up to 50%. 


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