Underfloor Heating for Extensions

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Installing underfloor heating in your extension    

If you’re planning a home extension, now is the best time to rethink the way you heat your home. Make the most of the opportunity to future-proof your home and add comfort with underfloor heating.

Naturally you might have some questions you want answers to, like is it going to be expensive to run? Do I need a bigger boiler? Will my extension underfloor heating work alongside my existing heating system?

Well, good news, we have the answers!

A Wunda Rapid Response® underfloor heating system can be installed easily in your home extension. The system is so easy to install, most customers choose to have it throughout the whole house. To find out more about Wunda’s Rapid Response® water based underfloor heating system click here.

Wunda’s Water Underfloor Heating Systems

Wunda Rapid Response floor heating

Underfloor heating Vs Radiators

Radiator systems are the 20th century equivalent of a fireplace. They need your boiler or heat pump to supply hot water temperatures (60-80 degrees) so that they can emit heat into the room.

Water based Underfloor heating works differently, it is like having a huge radiator spread out beneath your floor. Underfloor heating can cover the entire floor space allowing it to use much lower water temperatures (35-45 degrees) to transmit heat throughout the room, making it the go to energy efficient and sustainable system of choice.

Tradesman installing underfloor heating boards inside a conservatory

How much does underfloor heating cost to install

Many people have the perception that underfloor heating is incredibly difficult to install. Involving huge pipes with lots of digging, often leading to them thinking it will be a costly and stressful process. However, with a Wunda Rapid Response® system, this could not be further from the truth.

There’s no digging up floors and installation is easy and relatively hassle free. 75m2 could be laid over a weekend by competent DIYers ready for your professionals to hook up to your heat source.

Underfloor heating energy efficiency 

Underfloor heating uses low (35-45 degree) water temperatures, making it a very eco-friendly system. It is the perfect partner for heat pumps as their optimum efficiency is producing water under 50 degrees

On average, the running costs of water based underfloor heating systems will be around 25% less than radiators and 60% less than electric underfloor heating systems. When installing a Wunda Rapid Response® system which uses smart controls and zoning the savings can be up to 50%.


Energy Saving Water Underfloor Heating



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