Underfloor Heating For The Bathroom

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Installing underfloor heating in your bathroom

Underfloor heating in your bathroom always delivers fantastic comfort and works really well with floor finishes, like tiles, that you would expect to find in a bathroom. A bathroom underfloor heating system will work alongside any existing or new radiators, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to use towel rails. This flexibility means that you can design your bathroom with total freedom, with the added bonus of not having to walk on cold tiles! 

When it comes to Underfloor heating there are two main types to choose from: water based systems and electric. Electric should only be used in areas less than 3m2. The main downside to electric systems is the cost to run, these systems are very energy hungry. Water based systems are far more efficient, often costing over 60% less to run and Wunda’s Rapid Response® heating system will heat a room as fast as radiators.  

Wunda’s Water Underfloor Heating Systems 

How much does underfloor heating cost to install in a bathroom?

Most people’s perception is that underfloor heating is incredibly difficult to install, involving huge pipes and lots of digging, leading to them thinking it will be a costly process. However, with a Wunda Rapid Response® system, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  

There’s no digging up floors and installation is easy and relatively hassle free. 75m2 could be laid over a weekend by competent DIYers ready for your professionals to hook up to your heat source. 

Water Underfloor Heating Costs

Tradesman installing underfloor heating boards inside a conservatory

Design service 

All Wunda’s water based underfloor heating systems are designed to suit your needs. So, if you have any fixed baths or shower trays in your bathroom that you wouldn’t want heat under, this will be taken into account when designing your pipe layout plans and system estimate. 

Do Smart Meters Save Money

Underfloor heating energy efficiency

Underfloor heating uses low (35-45 degrees) water temperatures, making it a very eco-friendly system. It is the perfect partner for heat pumps as their optimum efficiency is producing water under 50 degrees.  

Underfloor heating systems will cost users around 25% less than radiators to run on average and 60% less than electric floor heating systems. When installing a Wunda Rapid Response® system which uses smart controls and zoning the savings can be up to 50%. 


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