Introducing WundaSmart: The Ultimate Smart Heating Solution

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Man sat on sofa using the WundaSmart app to control his underfloor heating


Efficient, Accurate, and Secure

WundaSmart is revolutionising home heating. Designed with consumers in mind, this cutting-edge smart heating system offers superior control, energy savings, and peace of mind.

Accurate Controls for Savings

WundaSmart’s precise controls ensure you save money, energy, and reduce CO2 emissions. Say goodbye to wasteful heating—this system optimises your home’s temperature while minimising costs.

Uninterrupted Performance

Even during internet outages, WundaSmart keeps running. Imagine staying warm on the coldest day of the year without sacrificing accessibility. It’s a unique alternative in the smart home heating category.

Good Housekeeping Institute Approved

WundaSmart is the first smart heating control system from Wunda to hit the market, and it’s already earned the coveted Good Housekeeping Institute Approved accreditation. Trust in quality and reliability.

British Expertise

With over 15 years of expertise in home heating, Wunda—a British company—has pioneered energy-efficient underfloor heating. A Trustpilot Excellent Rating speaks volumes about the commitment to excellence.

Tailored Heating Anywhere

Manage your heating precisely from anywhere in the world. Customise schedules to suit your lifestyle, whether through the app, voice commands, or simple control panels.

Privacy, Control, and Innovation

WundaSmart isn’t just another smart heating control system—it’s a game-changer. Let’s dive into what makes WundaSmart stand out and why it’s the ultimate choice for modern homes.

Your Data, Your Privacy

WundaSmart prioritises your privacy. Unlike other systems that rely solely on cloud storage, WundaSmart stores usage data and settings in your HubSwitch—the central control unit. Even if your WiFi goes down, you’re still in control via your LAN (Local Area Network). No snooping, no invasive databases—just peace of mind.

Zoning Made Simple

Imagine having the power to control individual rooms with ease. WundaSmart’s app lets you schedule and adjust room temperatures effortlessly. Whether you’re downstairs or in a cozy corner, customise your comfort. Set three favourite room temperatures—eco, normal, or cozy—with a single tap.

Voice Control and Geo-Fencing

WundaSmart plays well with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. But it doesn’t stop there. Geo-fencing takes personalised comfort to the next level. Set up room-specific triggers based on your smartphone’s location. Arriving home? Your heating system knows and adjusts accordingly.

Nature and Technology in Harmony

WundaSmart’s secret sauce? Modulation. It adapts to current conditions, optimising energy use. When you set a heating period, it won’t mindlessly heat the whole time. Instead, it maintains your desired temperature. Solar gain or bustling activity? WundaSmart adjusts, saving energy without compromising comfort.

Compatibility and Installation

WundaSmart plays nice with various water-based heating systems—combi boilers, conventional boilers, and heat pumps. Installation is straightforward. While DIY-savvy users can handle most of it, connecting the HubSwitch to the heat source is best left to certified heating engineers. Quick, painless, and efficient.


WundaSmart isn’t just about warmth; it’s about intelligent, efficient heating. Say goodbye to wasted energy and hello to personalised comfort. Upgrade to WundaSmart and experience the future of home heating.

Feel free to explore WundaSmart further and make your home smarter and cosier 😊.

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