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After moving into a new house it became apparent the existing sub-floor was compromised and needed to be replaced. This became an opportune moment to upgrade the heating and future proof the home for years to come.

  • Product: WUNDA Rapid Response Overfloor®
  • Area: Whole ground floor including – open plan kitchen diner and family space, playroom, living room, utility room, hallway.
  • Days: 4-5 Days

WUNDA Rapid Response Overfloor® heating systems are often selected for renovation projects, even when the sub-floor consists of newly laid screed. Although embedding pipes within the screed is an option, the rapid heat-up times offered by WUNDA’s solution make it a superior choice in scenarios where the sub-floor is being replaced during renovation or extension works.


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Install Process

A floor plan was sent to WUNDA to provide an estimate and subsequently a layout drawing showing where the pipe and boards and manifold should be placed.

Once the new sub-floor had been installed (allowing for the extra 20mm of board height) the homeowner installed the boards, pipe and manifold.

Using the layout plan as a guide the boards were cut and stuck down with the adhesive supplied by wundagroup using the board layout plan as a guide.

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Install Process

Again using the pipe layout drawing, the homeowner inserted the pipe into the boards to create loops starting and ending at the manifold.

Before the chosen floor finish was installed over the boards and pipe, a heating engineer connected the manifold to the boiler supply, filled the pipe loops and pressure tested the system.


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Final Floor Finish

Waterproof Stratex® flooring by Woodpecker was installed as a free floating floor as recommended by the manfacturer directly over the top of WUNDA Rapid Response Overfloor®

A floor probe was installed prior to the floor finish to ensure the temperature of the floor did not exceed the floor manufacturers limits.

“PDF fact sheets can be downloaded from the wundagroup website which give full details regarding installation and approved products. Or if you need any advice get in touch, it’s what we’re here for !”Tech Team

With the warm water pipes just beneath the flooring it is warm under foot within minutes.


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Man sat on sofa using the WundaSmart app to control his underfloor heating


With WundaSmart controls installed the temperature is scheduled and changed using the app.

Each room or zone is controlled separatley so the perfect temperature can be set in one room while other rooms remain unheated.

WundaSmart uses its own low-energy seeker signal RF system to connect thermostats underfloor heating and radiator heads. This unique approach provides a longer range, eliminates the need for signal repeaters, and ensures better battery life.


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