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Installation on the first floor of a modern 3 bedroom home by the home owners and connected to the existing gas boiler by a heating engineer.  

Having previously installed a WUNDA Rapid Response Overfloor® heating system to the ground floor of the property the DIY couple decided to completely remove all radiators from their home.   

  • Chosen underfloor heating type: Rapid Response Overfloor®
  • Rooms: 3 bedrooms, En-suite, family bathroom, and landing (This adds up to a 34m2)
  • Days: 16 hours (4 half days)

Installation Process®

Wunda Rapid Response Overfloor® is installed over existing floors so it doesn’t have to be part of a major home renovation.

This DIY couple decided to lift all the carpets and laminate flooring throughout the upstairs of their home and fix the boards and pipe themselves one room at a time onto the chipboard sub-floor.

Before laying the boards the door frames were cut to allow for the height difference once the breathable underlay and laminate flooring were fitted and the skirting boards were removed. The chipboard flooring was examined to ensure any protruding nails or screws were made flush with the surface.

Using the board layout plan provided by WUNDA they completed the project in 16 hours over 4 half days, moving furniture between rooms to gain access to the floors.

The boards were fixed using cans of Wundaspray adhesive by either spraying the backs of the board or directly to the floor.

When all the boards and pipe had been laid, a heating engineer commissioned and connected to the system to the existing boiler.

WUNDA provide factsheets for all products to make the installation as easy as possible but if a problem is encountered seeking help from the technical support team is welcomed by WUNDA –

 “Our team are here for you before, during and after the installation. We would much rather a customer contacted us as many times as they needed for help and advise instead of trying to figure it out by themselves.

There are no ‘silly questions’ with us. Overfloor heating is quite a new idea for most so we understand the importance of providing support to all our customers from beginner to expert.Tech Support


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Final Floor Finish

Laminate flooring was fitted in all bedrooms and tiles in the en-suite bathroom.

WUNDA supply a 3mm breathable underlay designed specifically for use between rapid response boards and laminate flooring. It creates a smooth even surface for the laminate flooring to rest.

Laminate and wooden flooring often has a maximum temperature limit to avoid warping and over expanding.  In cases like this a floor probe is installed to monitor the surface temperature ensuring the flooring never gets damaged.

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