Some of your Questions:

  • Do I need to dig up my floors?

Not with our Rapid Response ® Overfloor Heating system – there is no need to dig up your existing floors, simply lay the overfloor panels over your existing floors.

  • How does water underfloor heating work?

Warm water is pumped from the heat source to the manifold. If the floor heating requires warm water, the thermostatic valve will open allowing heated water into the manifold. From the manifold, heated water is pumped around the floor heating pipes, returning to the manifold and then either released back to the boiler/heat source via the boiler return valve for re-heating or blended back into the floor loop via a one way valve. When all rooms reach desired temperatures, the room thermostats will signal to the actuators and pump to shut down, this in turn stops heated water circulating through the floor.

  • Where do the pipes in the floor go?

We supply pipe layout drawings which detail where every loop of pipe is laid and the length of each loop. You or your installer can’t go wrong!

  • What if the pipe leaks?

We only use continuous loops of pipe with no joins under the floor, the only connections are at the manifold flow and return. For peace of mind all of our systems are backed by a £10M Product Liability insurance with AXA.

  • Can I mix radiators and floor heating?

Floor heating and radiators happily work in conjunction with one another, to achieve this you will need to ‘T’ off from your boiler primaries, so one set of flow and return will go towards your radiators and the other to your floor heating system. Any competent plumber can easily do this work for you.

  • Where is the manifold located?

Ideally the manifold should be sited as centrally as possible. The manifold position will be marked on your pipe layout drawing. It can be hidden inside an existing cupboard or we can provide an elegant manifold cabinet.

  • Can I run floor heating off my current boiler and pump?

Absolutely! Our systems can be run off any suitably sized boiler in conjunction with our pumped manifold set.

  • Is water floor heating hard to install?

Not at all! Wunda’s floor heating systems have been developed with the confident DIYer in mind, being able to lay the pipe and panels, leaving final commissioning to the professionals. If you’re extending or renovating, even simpler would be to make use of the builders already on-site and get them to install it for you.

  • What types of floor coverings can be used with your floor heating?

Our systems are the perfect partner for ALL types of flooring including Laminate floors, Tiled floors, Stone floors, Wooden floors, Vinyl and Carpeted floors.

  • What if there’s a problem?

Our experts are more than happy to offer FREE advice before, during and after your system has been installed – just call or email us. Rest assured though that all of our components carry long guarantees and are backed up with a £10M Product Liability insurance with AXA.

  • How long does it take to deliver my system?

At Wunda we know how important it is to get your order to you quickly. For most areas in the UK mainland if you place your order before 6.00pm we will deliver it to you on the next working day. Please see our Delivery & Returns page for full details.

  • Are you a new floor heating company?

Wunda Group PLC has been in business since 2006, so we know a thing or two about premium quality floor heating 🙂

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