Why are your Radiators robbing you?

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Imagine you hire a man to clean your windows, he arrives and gets to work, when he’s done he politely knocks on the door and asks for his fee, you smile and pay him and he leaves. You go upstairs and see that while he may have looked like he was cleaning your windows, he wasn’t. You have been robbed.

Now imagine you’re sat at home on the sofa, feet curled up under a blanket with the heating on… Only you’re pretty sure you’re getting more heat from the light in your TV. Your radiators are robbing you, right? But why? What gives a radiator of all things the right to lurk in your house, pretending to contribute when really they’re just pocketing your hard earned cash!

Obviously the radiators aren’t actually pocketing your money, though I am fairly sure a radiator pocketed my first ever mobile phone. Anyway, while radiators may not be pocketing your money they’re wasting it, make no mistake about that. Heat rises, this is a fact. With radiators this heat rises up the wall to the ceiling where it tries to escape, eventually the current cools and drops. This creates a cycle that brings with it allergens and dust particles. Lovely. But the overall take away is the room is not being heated efficiently and so a lot of the money you’re spending on heat is escaping the room before it can be used in the manner it was intended.

So what’s the alternative?

Well there’s various alternatives, but in this writer’s opinion there is only one worth actually implementing. I’m talking of course about warm water floor heating.

Let’s just look over the problems of radiators: inefficient/wasteful heating, nasty allergen/dust cycle and of course toe stub potential, which although I didn’t mention earlier, we all know is a real risk to you and your loved ones. Radiator toe stubs hurt like no other toe stub.

Now look at Warm Water Floor Heating. Since the heat source is in the floor, when that heat rises it heats the entire room before even making it to the ceiling (Which as we’ve already mentioned, tends to be heat’s favoured exodus). The heat spreads through the floor before rising, only requiring affordable 28°C – 55°C warm water as opposed to radiators and their extortionate 70°C – 90°c hot water. Plus there’s no messy cycles that are going to cause your asthma to run amok.

So to summarise, radiators are the furniture criminal of the 21st century. Not only are they robbing you (and if you can’t see that, then they’ve robbed you blind I’m afraid), they threaten the toes of your loved ones with infinite stub potential and fill your atmosphere with problematic allergens causing havoc for all. Floor heating, however, does none of that, it simply heats. And it heats well, at a lower temperature.

So stop wasting space in your house, stop wasting money on your heat, stop stubbing your toes and for goodness sake stop losing stuff behind your god damn radiators!

Enough is enough. Get warm water floor heating, your house will heat 25% more efficiently, you’ll have better control of your room temperature and who knows what you’ll find behind those radiators when you take them out.

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