Stay Warm, Save Big – The Game-Changing Combo of Underfloor Heating and Smart Controls

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The Benefits of Underfloor Heating


Beyond conventional radiators, underfloor heating offers an unparalleled level of comfort. It spreads warmth evenly across the entire floor, eliminating cold spots and ensuring a cosy, uniform temperature throughout the room. Drawing on a network of leakproof pipes concealed directly beneath the floor’s surface, these pipes circulate warm water or electricity, effectively turning the floor itself into a radiant heater. As the heat rises, it warms the surrounding air, creating a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.


The efficiency of underfloor heating also extends to lower operating temperatures, making it an eco-friendly choice. Reduced water temperatures mean less energy is required to maintain a comfortable atmosphere, which in turn translates to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.


Wunda’s Rapid Response Underfloor Heating system can run on input temperatures as low as 30°C, meaning you will be using almost half of the energy needed to maintain the 60-80°C temperatures required to operate a radiator. This is because the whole floor space becomes a radiator of heat; the larger surface area means you can use a lower temperature to create a cosy environment and leads to an even distribution of warmth that leaves no chilly corners or irritating drafts.


The Power of Smart Home Technology

In tandem with the rise of underfloor heating, smart home technology has also surged in popularity, with smart homes becoming a natural choice for renovators who seek to embrace a heightened level of convenience and control.


Wunda’s own smart heating control system, WundaSmart, allows homeowners to effortlessly manage their heating system with precision. Through intuitive interfaces and scheduling features, you can tailor your heating to suit your lifestyle and preferences. It’s a leap forward in energy management that puts you in the driver’s seat, ensuring both comfort and savings.


The Synergy Between Underfloor Heating and Smart Home Tech


What makes this pairing truly remarkable is the seamless integration between underfloor heating and smart home technology. These systems can communicate effortlessly, optimising your home’s energy usage and making for a seamless user experience. Smart systems can learn how long it takes to heat your home so they can gradually bring it to the right temperature so that when you walk in you won’t be met with a cold chill and the temptation to turn your thermostat up higher than needed. Because systems like these offer the flexibility to control each room from your smartphone, you can precisely tailor everything to your individual and evolving needs.


With advanced sensors and real-time data analysis, smart home systems can detect changes in occupancy and adjust heating accordingly. Forgot to turn off the heating before a weekend getaway? No problem. You can do it remotely through your smartphone from anywhere in the world, ensuring you’re not wasting energy in an empty house.

The integration of underfloor heating and smart home technology not only enhances convenience and savings but also significantly contributes to sustainability by reducing environmental impact, allowing homeowners to notably shrink their carbon footprint, and when combined, these technologies lead to more responsive use and lower energy requirements.


The pairing of underfloor heating and smart controls improves the efficiency of current heat sources by 40-50%, and it works efficiently with alternative fuels of the future such as hydrogen boilers and air & ground source heat pumps. Wunda’s Rapid Response is compatible with any heat source, including heat pumps with an efficiency rating of 270% – 400%+.

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