Joisted Underfloor Heating

An underfloor system that provides even comfort throughout your floor without any additional buildup height.

What is joisted underfloor heating?

Joisted underfloor heating consists of lifting your floor boards, notching the joists beneath them and running warm water pipe through either Aluminium Spreader Plates or aluminium coated EPS panels that sit between your joists and relaying your floor boards. You can then run the floor heating at low temperature 55°C and enjoy the unparalleled comfort with out needing to add any build up height to your project.

Wunda’s joist system

Available with between joist panels for additional insulation or thick aluminium spreader plates.

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Screed Rapid Response® Joist
New builds
No need to dig up floors
Fast heat up time

Wunda joisted floor systems use close pipe centres, thick aluminium and set back thermostats optimum control. Maintaining low input temperatures that make floor heating environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Suitable for both old and new properties.

Between Joist Panel

Between Joist Panel coated with thick aluminium foil, for both new and existing floors.

Spreader Plate

With aluminum spreader plates that are fixed across the joist cavity. For both new and existing floors. (We only use 500 micron aluminium for rigidity)

Watch this video to see how Wunda's Joist floor heating is installed...
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Joist systems are perfect for upper floor properties.

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