What is joisted underfloor heating?

Joisted underfloor heating consists of lifting your floor boards, notching the joists beneath them, and running warm water pipe through either Aluminium Spreader Plates or aluminium coated EPS panels that sit between your joists and relaying your floor boards. You can then run the floor heating at temperatures of 50 – 55°C and enjoy the unparalleled comfort with out needing to add any build up height to your project.

Joist Underfloor Heating Considerations

There are some things you might consider before committing to a joisted underfloor heating system.

Installation. If your project is a retrofit or a new build, you may have issues with accessibility between the joists.

Heat Up Time & Efficiency. The efficiency of your system will depend on the insulative resistance of the material covering your joists (chipboard, floorboards) and floor finish (carpet, wood, etc).

For easy access and maximum efficiency,  it may be preferable to use our:

 Rapid Response® System

An icon of a water droplet for leak proof inside an orange circle

Leak proof pipes

No joins under the floor and 100% leak proof pipe.

Round and orange icon of a screwdriver for easy installation

Low maintenance

Very low maintenance and reliably consistent, it just works!

Circle icon of a boiler showing our system is Compatible with all boilers

Compatible with all boilers

Compatible with any heat source, including future heat pumps.

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High-Efficiency System Design

Wunda is renowned for its high-efficiency underfloor heating system designs. With a deep understanding of heating technology and a commitment to innovation, Wunda consistently delivers cutting-edge solutions that provide optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

How Do Heatpumps Work

Underfloor Heating efficiency and  Heat Sources

Water Underfloor heating systems will give the most efficient results from any heat source. Due to less energy being used to produce low water temperatures 35-45°C. Perfect for any boiler or Ground Source or Air Source Heat Pump.

Learn More About Efficiency

Wunda’s joist system

Available with between joist panels for additional insulation or thick aluminium spreader plates.

Wunda joisted floor systems use close pipe centres, thick aluminium. Maintaining input temperatures that make floor heating environmentally friendly and efficient. Suitable for both old and new properties.

Between Joist Panel

Between Joist Panel coated with thick aluminium foil, for both new and existing floors.

Spreader Plate

With aluminum spreader plates that are fixed across the joist cavity. For both new and existing floors. (We only use 500 micron aluminium for rigidity)

PERT layered pipe diagram showing the various layerings that make up the pipe


Available in 16mm or 12mm to fit your desired solution, featuring an oxygen barrier for increased lifetime and aluminium core for greater thermal conductivity.

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Screed Rapid Response® Joist
New builds
No need to dig up floors
Fast heat up time
Floor heating

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Joist systems are perfect for upper floor properties.

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