What is Wundatherm?

Wundatherm is our range of over floor heating boards. We developed Wundatherm to make top quality floor heating affordable to all. Simple, quick, easy to install with fantastic performance. A high quality system for the lowest possible price. Backed up with great service and industry guarantees.

Wundatherm for complete peace of mind

Fast heat ups & cool downs

Wundatherm heats up and cools down in minutes.

Adjustable & controllable

Heat when you want it with fast aluminium coated boards.

Leak proof pipes

No joins under the floor and 100% leak proof pipe.

No need to dig up floors

No mess, no hassle, just spray and lay on existing floors.

Low maintenance

Very low maintenance and reliably consistent, it just works!

Compatible with all boilers

Compatible with any heat source, including future heat pumps.

How does the system work?

Want to know how our Wundatherm system works? Watch this brief overview video to find out how

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Easy installation. Any builder can install the boards, any plumber can commission the system and any electrician can fit the controls.

DIY developers Rob & Aiza took Wundatherm into their own hands and documented their process on instagram.
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Developed, Engineered - It just works!

Over 10 years of research and development has gone into perfecting Wundatherm, it’s not rocket science, just affordable luxury & comfort – and it just works!

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Quality at a low price

A high quality system for the lowest possible price. Backed up with great service and industry guarantees. It’s not rocket science! Just affordable luxury & comfort – Direct from the manufacturer


“It’s invisible, it just works”

Ben Hillman
Customer, Interior Designer & TV Presenter

Screed Wundatherm Joist
New builds
No need to dig up floors
Fast heat up time

Your Wundatherm Questions

Thanks to retro-fit systems like Wundatherm® 100m2 can be laid in just two days using quick drying Wunda Spray adhesive. It’s no longer a case of digging all your floors up, simply take up your carpet, prepare your sub-floor and lay a retro-fit system. 

Retro-fit options like Wundatherm® are laid directly under your floor finish and when covered with the optimum thickness of 200 micron aluminium they provide Rapid Response® warmth reaching desired temperatures in 30 minutes and ensuring an even heat across the entire floor – this makes floor heating just as controllable as radiators.

Old fashioned floor heating laid deep in concrete could take up to 72 hours to heat up or cool down.

Screed systems are traditionally used in new build projects. Screed systems require the floor heating pipes to be fixed to the subfloor insulation layer prior to being encased in a layer of concrete or chemical screed. The warm water in the pipes heat up the concrete (screed) which acts as a thermal store and radiates it into the living space. This process can take a few hours to both heat up and cool down and is less controllable.
Wundatherm boards are bonded on top of the rooms existing concrete or wooden floors making them ideal for renovations.
Wundatherm is a modular system of lightweight high density eps boards with pre routed channels that secure the floor heating pipe in place. The boards are covered with Aluminium foil that quickly and efficiently spreads the heat from the pipes evenly over the surface of the Wundatherm board. 
The final floor finish is placed directly on top of the Wundatherm board which ensures fast transition of heat from board to living space (rapid response). Because Wundatherm doesn’t rely on a thermal mass to transmit the heat, it warms up and cools down very quickly, about as fast as radiators, this makes Wundatherm systems very controllable.

No! That’s the old fashioned way. Modern floor heating such as Wundatherm® comes in moulded, easy to shape, high density polystyrene aluminium coated boards made from eco-friendly EPS (as opposed to harmful XPS). The board is bonded to the existing floor before running the pipes in and through to the manifold. The desired floor finish is laid on top – no digging, no mess!

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