Total control of your heating systems with Wunda Smart

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Perfectly zone a 3 Bedroom House for less than £600!


Perfect partners for perfect control


Pair a WundaSmart Thermostat with a WundaSmart Radiator Head for perfect measurement and control!

You can control up to 50 radiators across 30 rooms & no signal boosters needed!

That’s a lot of control!

Compatible with any heat source!

From boilers to air source heat pumps and beyond, WundaSmart is future proof!

Hot Water Control and Scheduling

Simple 7 Day Scheduling for hot water control with remote and manual boost buttons for those extra baths!

Compatible with almost all Radiator Valves.

  • Danfoss RAV

Danfoss-RA Adaptor

  • Danfoss RA


  • Comap
  • Hertz,
  • Markardys
  • Pont a Mousson
  • Remagg
  • Sam bzw
  • Slovarm
  • TA

Individual Room Control

Reduce your energy usage & improve your comfort by only heating the rooms you want to!

Pre-determined Temperature Settings

Adjust your heating quicker than ever with pre-determined settings!


Turn your heating off, to eco, comfort or comfort+ with just the press of a button!

Convenient Scheduling

Easy to set scheduling 7 days a week, unlimited heating periods so you’re always in control.

Remote Hot Water Control & Scheduling

Control your hot water from a touch of your finger, with scheduling & manual control available 7 days a week for whatever your routine throws at you.

Data security

  • All WundaSmart user data is stored in the hub, not the cloud like with other systems
  • Because the data stays in your home, it’s safe from cyber criminals
  • Since you own your data, it’s never sold for marketing or advertising
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