Underfloor Heating Doesn’t Have To Be A Pipe Dream Thanks To Wundatherm

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If you’re extending, renovating or building a property, Rapid Response® is the new generation of warm water underfloor heating specifically designed for the UK retrofit market to suit any project without the need to dig up floors. When it comes to underfloor heating, many people are put off by misconceptions. Whether it’s how expensive and inconvenient it is or that you’ll have to dig up the floors of your house in order to have it. This is where the Rapid Response® system, the latest floor heating solution from experts Wunda Group plc comes in. With the UK now committing to climate change targets, 28 million existing UK homes need to start changing from fossil fuel boilers to heat sources that comply with zero CO2 goals. If we start now, that’s around 20,000 homes a week that will have to be retrofitted before 2050.

But the answers are already being adopted. Norway for example has already banned the replacement of fossil fuel boilers in favour of air source heat pumps and floor heating, and Germany and Scandinavia are also leading the way. Heat pumps work most efficiently producing low temperature water, which is why underfloor heating and heat pumps make the perfect partners.

Wundatherm’s new Rapid Response® system is incredibly easy to install, with no mess or drying time and is extremely durable. The lightweight low profile boards are just 16 or 20mm thick, heat up in minutes and are suitable for any floor finish including carpet, vinyl, Karndean, Amtico, laminate, wood, ceramic and stone tiles. Once installed, floor heating pipe is laid into the pre-formed grooves in the boards and the system is ready for immediate use. Wundatherm is extremely affordable (40m2 is £1,189 to £1,525 complete – price includes vat) and is virtually maintenance-free with a lifetime guarantee.

Wundatherm is totally future-proof and perfect to use with both boilers and future heat sources, and with home heating accounting for 21% of our carbon footprint, homeowners must stop using fossil fuels to heat their homes in favour of sustainable green energy heating in order for the UK to meet its climate change goals.

Wunda prides itself on first class quality and customer service, giving free technical support six days a week, and provides the specialist service of detailed layout plans for all bespoke systems free of charge. With these layout plans to hand, it gives complete confidence in laying the boards and installing the Wundatherm system.

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