DIYer Alex Dodman decides his best option for extra space and comfort is a Wunda Rapid Response® system  

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“DIY-able underfloor heating…Like a lot of people I thought underfloor heating meant digging deep underground and burying a system in layers of concrete, making a mess and taking ages but here’s how I fit my own overfloor system” – ‪@AlexDodman‬

In this video, DIY enthusiast Alex Dodman takes us on a journey through the installation and review of the Wunda Rapid Response® Underfloor Heating system.  Alex showcases how this innovative heating solution can transform any space into a cosy haven.

This modern heating solution solves all the problems of traditional water based underfloor heating and is super controllable, evenly warming rooms in minutes. Using very low water temperatures (30-50° C) to get the most efficiency out of any heat source, it’s also very eco-friendly! Being 25% less to run than radiators, 60% less to run than electric floor heating.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or simply curious about home improvements, Alex’s engaging content will leave you inspired to explore the world of underfloor heating and it’s multitude of benefits!


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