DIY duo decide to improve their comfort, living space and running costs with a Wunda Rapid Response® system

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Watch the documented journey of this DIY couple as they upgrade their properties heating system with a Wunda Rapid Response® system. In this video you can see how easy it is to fit and then prepare for tiling!

Are you in the middle of a renovation or home improvement? Or maybe you’re in the planning stages? Although very desirable, many believe water based underfloor heating systems are out of reach for their projects due to hassle around install and expense.

However, while work is involved, you might be surprised when you realise that modern underfloor heating systems such as Wunda Rapid Response® is not only better in use than traditional underfloor heating, but it’s also easy to install & that 80% of the install is DIYable! There’s no need to dig up floors. With the Wunda Rapid Response® system it is as simple as fitting to the existing floor or subfloor and laying the new floor on top. The only time when a professional is necessary is electrics and the final hook up to your heat source.


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