Mitchell explains the 3 key benefits of a Wunda Rapid Response® system

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Watch this Wunda heating installation walkthrough by Mitchell, where he explains 3 of the benefits of installing a Wunda Rapid Response® System


Mitchell does a great job of highlighting the three huge benefits of water based underfloor heating here.

More Wall Space; rip out your rads, say goodbye to those old dust collectors and free up your walls. Ideal for a new storage space, reorienting your furniture or just leaving free.

Lower Running Costs; due to water based underfloor heating covering the surface of your floor, it uses very low water temperatures. As low as 30-50°C! On average, water based underfloor heating is 25% less to run than radiators and 60% less to run than electric floor heating. Savings can be improved further due to the nature of underfloor heating systems being zoned. with a modern system like Rapid Response®, the user has total control of their home. Only needing to heat the rooms they use when they want to use them. Unlike most radiator systems that operate from a single thermostat. This can also be managed from Wunda’s app driven controls. Perfect heating control management and can be mixed with radiators as well.

No Cold Spots; Underfloor heating systems heat the whole room! With radiators heat rise from the panels, up to the ceiling and then around the room, leaving cold spots and cold floors! Underfloor heating systems warm rooms gently from the floor upwards. This results in less dust and allergens being circulated too, ideal for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

There are so many benefits to installing a water based underfloor heating system! The list doesn’t end here. To name a few more benefits; it’s futureproof, decreases mould and also gets the most efficiency from any heat source.


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