More comfort, lower running costs and perfect for the majority floor finishes!  Prepping Wunda Rapid Response® system for LVT and Vinyl flooring

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Watch as Rick and his installer fit Wunda Rapid Response. Rick’s home is a 3 floor townhouse and the Wunda system was fitted on each floor. The whole system controlled by Wunda’s App driven controls. Watch as Rick and his installer lay the panels and then prepare them for the LVT flooring by pouring self levelling compound.

Many people believe that only certain floor finishes are compatible with underfloor heating. However, while some floor finishes work better than others, you might be surprised to find out that there are only two types of wood that are are total no-goes! Maple and Beech, and it’s rare to see them used as floor finishes anyway.

Underfloor heating systems worth with carpet, vinyl, LVT (luxury vinyl tiles), laminate, wood, tiles, stone, ceramic. The floor finishes that work best with underfloor heating can be categorised as convectors (tiles, stone, ceramic). While the floor finishes that work well, but not quite as well as convectors, can be categorised as insulators (carpet, wood, laminate). To learn more about floor finishes check out our page in our knowledge hub View Floor Finishes

Different floor finishes have different installation requirements. Some can be floating and don’t need to be stuck down, for instance wood or engineered wood. Others such as LVT require a thin leveling compound to be poured first due to how thin the flooring is. Tiles can be stuck directly to the board (it is approved by leading tiling manufacturers).


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