Upgrading with space and comfort in mind, future proofing this old barn with modern efficient heating

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Watch as Wunda Rapid Response® is fitted as part of a barn conversion. This barn conversion will be a multi-use space, ideal for weddings and other exciting events!

One of the persisting misconceptions about underfloor heating is that it’s difficult to install and not suitable for old buildings! Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Wunda Rapid Response® systems are perfect for retro-fit in older buildings.  No need to dig up floors and lay down new screed. The system is perfect for large open plan areas like this where heat from radiators get lost in the rafters. Wunda Rapid Response® systems provide an even warmth from the floor up and leaves no cold spots. Along with the benefits of lower running costs and more space, this system becomes a no brainer!

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