How to share access of My System to other users

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You can invite other users (family, housemates, friends), and give them access to see and control the heating in your rooms. When sharing a system you can define the privileges for the invited user:


Administrator – has full rights to the entire system

User – has the right to control the heating, but no rights to change the system configuration

Read-only – have the right to view only 


To Share System you need to:


  1. Go to the System Settings menu in My Home System
  2. Choose Share tab
  3. Add New User
  4. Write email address and define the privileges you want to give to new users
  5. Click save


The invited user simply needs to click on the link in the email received and follow the instructions. (please check Junk messages, sometimes emails can go to your Spam folder) 

Repeat the same process for each user you wish to invite.


NOTE: Invited users need to have an active Wunda Smart Account and the Application installed.


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