My Radiators are getting hot when they shouldn’t be

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There are a couple of reasons why this might be happening.

  1. Your Radiator valves are sticking in place.
  • Apply some WD40 to the pin.
  • Repeatedly press down on the pin with a flat object.
  • If the pin is still stuck, try a light sharp tap with a small hammer or spanner to the side of the valve, NOT the pin, then repeat the above steps. If you have any valves that remain stuck, you will need to replace them before your Smart Radiator Heads are installed.
  1. You need to increase the downforce of your Smart Radiator Head.

–  Go to the settings of the room that you are having problems with.

– Open up ‘Radio Devices’ and choose ‘Radiator Head’, here now choose ‘Downforce’ and increase the setting. 1 is the least powerful, 6 is the most.




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