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It is possible to manage devices and control your heating at home when offline and there is no available Internet connection. The Internet connection is used to manage your System when you are outside of your homes network. 


To use Offline Mode, your Smartphone needs to be connected to the same home WiFi network you first installed the system (typically the router), even if the router isn’t connected to the internet, it will still be emitting a WiFi signal through your home, this is what WundaSmart will connect to.


  1. Choose “Offline” on the starting screen
  2. You will be redirected to the My System screen. All systems connected to the same WiFi network will be visible. 
  3. You will have access only to systems you have previously paired or accessed. Other visible devices will be not available to you, this is for security purposes.


Wunda Smart will continue to work as scheduled if the internet connection or WiFi network is lost, but all changes and boosts must be administered manually until the WiFi network returns. The app will also continue to work in the home even if the WiFi access point/router has no internet access.


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