How to change the temperature with a radiator head

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The system was designed to allow users to manually change the temperatures in Rooms without the app. You can switch between defined temperatures you’ve set up in the app by pressing the + or – button placed on the front of the Radiator Head. The set value will be communicated by the colour of the LED light above the buttons.


One press of any button will display the actual value. Press again to switch to the next value.


  1. Blinking blue colour – the Radiator Head will close the valve (OFF mode, anti freezing temperature)
  2. Still Blue colour – REDUCED temperature
  3. Still Green colour – ECO temperature
  4. Still Red colour – COMFORT temperature
  5. Blinking Red colour – the Radiator Head is open, The temperature in Room is limited to 35°C


Temperature values for REDUCED, ECO and COMFORT are defined for each Room separately in the app, by default they are: Reduced: 19°, Eco: 21°, Comfort: 23°.

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