Do Radiator Covers Block Heat (1)

Do Radiator Covers Block Heat?

As a typical heating appliance, radiators are not there simply to look pretty but to keep your home warm using natural convection. However, with more emphasis on interior design, these appliances can prove unsightly and distract from the rest of the carefully plotted aesthetics of a room. To align a radiator to the design of

How To Fit Underfloor Heating

How To Fit Underfloor Heating

Many people simply believe that solely tiles can be their flooring of choice with an underfloor heating system. Though tiles are ideal in certain rooms, they are not best suited for the flooring of an entire home, and you can use laminate, LVT, and wooden flooring. Each type of flooring has its own characteristics which

What Is LVT Flooring

What Is LVT Flooring?

There are various terms for the same type of flooring covering known as LVT flooring. The LVT stands for ‘Luxury Vinyl Tile’ though it is sometimes referred to as ‘vinyl flooring’ or ‘PVC flooring’. Its main plus point is that it comes in planks or tiles which are easily manipulated to perform really well in

How To Lay Laminate Flooring

How To Lay Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a type of engineered wood flooring that has become very popular over the last decade or so. The main advantage of laminate flooring is its durability and ease of maintenance. In addition, it comes in various styles and designs. But how do you lay it? Sure, it looks easy, but once the

What Does Asbestos Look Like

What Does Asbestos Look Like?

Many of us really do not want to find Asbestos lurking in our homes or office buildings as it will prove to be so dangerous. Knowing what it looks like is key to ensuring that an installation job, such as fitting in an underfloor heating system, goes smoothly and safely. As there are so many

How To Build A Garden Room

How To Build A Garden Room

As you may expect, a garden room is essentially a separate outhouse from the main house which is found in the garden. It can be a multipurpose space and could be built for all sorts of work or leisure activities. The garden room could be a gym, office, relaxation room, or even an entertainment space

What Is EPC Rating

What Is EPC Rating?

An EPC rating is similar to the energy efficiency rating of a modern appliance. It is included on an Energy Performance Certificate, not only to demonstrate a property’s energy efficiency, but quickly assess energy bills and can be helpful for renters, would-be homeowners, and those looking to move home. The rating itself is based on

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