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The WundaSmart app operating mode settings outlined in a red oval

How to turn off your heating

Follow these steps if you ever need to turn your heating entirely off.   Go to: ‘System Settings’ , then press ‘Mode

the add a device display screen from the wunda smart app

How to Add a System

It is possible to have more than one Wunda Smart System connected to your account.

a graphic of the my zones page of the WundaSmart app beside a house with the corresponding zones

How to create Room?

It is possible to control up to 30 Rooms in your home. To create a Room you need to have Smart Thermostat.

Google Home and Amazon Alexa logos for voice control compatibility

Voice Control

You can voice control your room’s temperature with Amazon Alexa or Google Home speakers.

a wifi signal symbol with a line diagonally strike through it

Offline mode

It is possible to manage devices and control your heating at home when offline and there is no available Internet connection. The Internet connection is used to manage your System when you are outside of your homes network. 

A phone displaying the WundaSmart app beside a WundaSmart Thermostat and a radiator head

How can I find where a Device was installed & paired?

If you move a thermostat from one room to another without telling the app your system will not be able to monitor temperature properly. You can check which room the thermostat was paired to in the app by doing the following:

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