Smart HubSwitch

Re-connecting your HubSwitch to your WIFI

Follow these steps to reconnect your HubSwitch to your WiFi.  Option 1 via your router’s WPS button (If your router has one) Press the WPS button on your internet router. Now you have around 3 minutes to go to your HubSwitch and hold the setup button until it flashes Pink.  Now wait for 1 minute

HubSwitch LED Colours

HubSwitch Set Up LED If you ever have any problems with your Wifi or network here’s some information to help you understand and diagnose the problem you may be experiencing.   Flashing white – Configuration mode The HubSwitch is not connected to your mobile device (with application installed)   Solid white – Configuration mode The

Connecting to new Sky Q Hub

You will need to split your WIFI into two channels.   Go to your router configuration page by typing into your web browser.   To access this, you’ll need; your username: sky your password: ‘admin’ or your personalised WiFi password. – Select wireless from the navigation bar, scroll down and untick the ‘Synchronise 2.4GHz

Do you offer Installation?

We do not provide installation of WundaSmart.

For the smoothest installation, we recommend hiring a professional electrician or heating engineer to fit your WundaSmart HubSwitch.

How to Add a System

It is possible to have more than one Wunda Smart System connected to your account.

How to use your Boost Buttons.

In the Wunda Smart System, the Boost Buttons were designed for people who don’t like to use Smartphones and prefer manual operation.

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